Born and raised in San Clemente, California, my first job was Chris Ward’s personal cameraman on the WSL Tour. I traveled the world to the best surf spots and learned all the hacks for planning the best surf trips.

My friends appointed me as the defacto trip planner. Selecting locations based on swell and ideal accommodations for value and location. I always found it gratifying helping my friends experience dreamy surf trips.

My first surf trip to El Salvador was 3 months and spanned every major surf break along the coast. From Punto Mango, Punta Roca and many more. One stood out, Mizata. It has a punchy right point break that fires with incredible consistency. There were less than 5 guys out and the energy was palpable.

As the universe would have it, a year later all my experience culminated into a role as the Travel Planner for Mizata, The AntiResort. Now I live like a king in paradise surfing my brains out and helping amazing humans plan their ultimate surf trip.

Life is the best.

Shon Miller