• – 7 Days in a Beachfront Bungalow
  • – Surf guide or lessons
  • – Unlimited Access to Lost Surfboard Quiver
  • – Unlimited Horseback Riding
  • – Hike an Active Volcano
  • – Explore Mayan Ruins and the cascading Tamanique Waterfalls
  • – World-class Massage
  • – Round-Trip Airport Shuttle


- Jordan, Mar 2021


- Jonathan, Feb 2021


- Hugo, Jan 2020


You deserve a jump into this crystal clear, refreshing waterfall lagoon after venturing through the lush jungle.


Full day adventure to the top of the highest, active volcano of El Salvador.


Unforgettable rides through the rivers, jungle, hillside and beachfront trails.


  • – Laydown ocean views
  • – Steps to the ocean
  • – One luxurious king size bed
  • – Two cozy day beds
  • – Premium linen, mattress and pillows
  • – Fully stocked mini bar
  • – 50 m/bit high speed wifi
  • – AC
  • – Luxe toiletries
  • – Private porch with hammock or lounge chairs


  • – Ocean views
  • – One minute walk to the beach
  • – One luxurious king size bed
  • – Four cozy bunk beds
  • – Modern bathroom with luxe rain shower & toiletries
  • – Fully stocked mini bar
  • – 50 m/bit high speed wifi
  • – AC
  • – Private porch with hammock or lounge chairs


  • – Oceanfront dining in a casual beach setting
  • – Locally sourced, high quality ingredients
  • – Freshest seafood from neighboring shores
  • – Many vegan and gluten-free options
  • – Craft cocktails curated by our Mixologists


An elevated life experience

Your home base will be a stunning Beachfront Bungalow with 3 pools, 5 surf breaks, 4 horses and more fun than we could write in a thousand pages. Regardless of your surf level learn from our ISA Certified Surf instructors in a fun and safe setting. Plus, learn to ride horses, hike mountains, fish like a local and climb an active volcano. Sit back, relax and enjoy the wild ride with our Adventure Trip.

What’s included

The Adventure Trip

You deserve it! A trip to recharge and dominate life.

  • 7 Days in a Beachfront Bungalow packed with adventure and recalibration.
  • Surf guide or lessons
  • Unlimited Access to Lost Surfboard Quiver
  • Unlimited Horseback Riding
  • Hike an Active Volcano
  • Explore Mayan Ruins and the cascading Tamanique Waterfalls
  • World-Class Massage
  • Round-Trip Airport Shuttle

Book Now *Minimum 7 Days

The Rooms


The Beachfront Bungalow has spectacular ocean views, with a luxurious king size bed and two stunning day beds that create the perfect space for a couples retreat, family vacay or group trip with friends. The large king size bed has a premium mattress and a variety of pillows for your comfort. It also has built in reading lights, charging ports and a shelve for keep sakes. The room has all the amenities, to insure your comfort. We have the best hotel WI-FI in El Salvador so you can connect as needed. There is a fully stocked mini-fridge, closet with rolling shelves, polished concrete desk, raw edge coffee table and bamboo surf rack. All the furniture was designed and handcrafted on-site, creating a indescribable grounding energy.


The award winning on-site restaurant, Umami & Cantina, is a farm to table concept, with mouth-watering dishes that are both savory, healthy and satisfying. The fusion dishes celebrate the essence of the fifth taste group, Umami.

The craft cocktails are designed by our on-site mixologist using fresh local ingredients. Enjoy libations at the pool bar or pair with dinner. We offer omnivore, vegetarian and vegan options that cater to any dietary requirements. Your accommodations can be inclusive of meals or ordered a-la-carte.

Surf Lessons


Surfing provides a connection to the universe, a freedom of flight that leads to the healthy addiction of wave hunting. Like anything worth doing it requires practice and a planned approach. The surf coaching at Mizata is designed to maximize fun and minimize the learning curve. To get you surfing in the shortest period of time possible, in a safe environment. To accomplish this all our instructors complete an ISA Certification to insure best practices and guest safety. Further, our instructors pass rigorous background checks and physical tests. More importantly, our instructors share our mission to share the stoke of surf as a lifestyle, not a sport. As a way of life. All surf instruction includes board rental. You can also include a photo and video analysis. Whether you are taking a single class or a surf camp you will fall in love with surfing and Mizata.

Our Breaks


This powerful right hander sits at the mouth of the river. Surfable from waist high to well overhead. Best at low to medium tides, with mild reverb during high tide. Fast punchy drops, with large open faces that go for 200 meters. Get covered up on larger days with short barrel sections. Avoid the tempting left as it dumps into shallow rocks at low tide. In front of the resort.


One of the few sick left breaks in El Salvador, Tweeners, is an epic rock bottom A-Frame that peels both ways. It works well at Medium and High Tide and holds size, with fun barrel sections during overhead swell. In front of the resort.


Thumping beach breaks work well during high tide with overhead barrel sections, rights and lefts. Take caution at low tide to avoid exposed rocks and a mild rip. 2 minute walk from resort.


A shallow reef break that requires larger swell over 6 feet. A technical wave for experienced surfers that want to get pitted. 5 minute walk from resort.


Mellow beach break, perfect for beginner surfers. Also, the location for surf school and surf camp. 5 Minute drive from the resort.


For adventurous surfers interested in surfing with no crowd, we provide boat service to untouched waves.

The Quiver

Traveling with surfboards sucks. So often they show up broken or not at all. At a minimum, it is expensive and leaves you at a new surf break with limited board options. There is a better way! We have partnered with Lost Surfboards to provide you access to the sickest quiver of surfboards imaginable. This is the perfect opportunity to try a multitude of boards on a variety of waves. You will be amazed to discover how you perform on different shapes. Plus find a board you like and Lost will custom make and ship to you!


Unlimited Horseback Riding

Our most popular option and most often included with our vacation packages. Learn how to set up your horse with his bit and saddle. Receive in-depth instruction on how to direct your horse’s movements. This includes how to controlling cadence, tempo, direction and proper body positioning. Select from a number of available trails and receive instruction on properly maneuvering terrain. 

The Trips


Volcan llamatatepec is the tallest of the 21 volcanoes in El Salvador at 7,850 feet. Towering above Lago Coatepque, the summit provides stunning vistas into the sulfuring baths of the volcano’s caldera and the neighboring turquoise lake. A guided hike takes approximately 1.5 hours to ascend the summit and an hour to return to camp. Leave from Mizata at 9 am and return around 4 pm. This adventure can be paired with an additional morning and afternoon activity.


The Colonial Era Tamanique Village sits at 600 meters above sea level. Once arriving in town our guide will take you on a 30-minute hike into the jungle until arriving at the cascading waterfalls of Tamanique. There are three main waterfalls that are connected through a series of trails. Filled with adventure – swim, boulder, cliff jump or just relax and enjoy the views. This is a half-day adventure that can easily be paired with a morning surf session or horseback riding.


Joya De Ceren – An UNESCO World Heritage site, often compared to Pompei, in Italy, is a unique archeological gem. The unearthed ancient village is an unbelievable portal into a Mayan farming village. Discover the remains of 70 buildings and artifacts from 200AD. Can be paired morning and afternoon activities.

Tazumal – Spanning 6 square miles, Tazumal consists of pyramids, tombs, workshops and a complex drainage system that was occupied for nearly a 1,000 years, before being abandoned sometime around 1200AD. Can be paired morning and afternoon activities.


Swedish Massage

Our Swedish Massage is derived from Western concepts of anatomy and physiology offers full-body muscle relaxation. Select from the highest quality essential oils, which are then applied to ease muscle pain or simply for rejuvenating energy and relaxing purposes. This type of massage includes five basic techniques; stroking, kneading, tapping, vibrating and rubbing.


Get an expert polish change or a hydrating mani with the works — nail and cuticle care, exfoliation, paraffin, and massage. Give your toes a touch-up or repair tired feet with our hydrating olive oil elixir and mineral-rich mud extract.