The award winning on-site restaurant, Umami & Cantina, is a farm to table concept, with mouth-watering dishes that are both savory, healthy and satisfying. The fusion dishes celebrate the essence of the fifth taste group, Umami.

The craft cocktails are designed by our on-site mixologist using fresh local ingredients. Enjoy libations at the pool bar or pair with dinner. We offer omnivore, vegetarian and vegan options that cater to any dietary requirements. Your accommodations can be inclusive of meals or ordered a-la-carte.

Our Menu

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Hours + Location

Monday10 AM - 10PM
Tuesday10 AM - 10PM
Wednesday10 AM - 10PM
Thursday10 AM - 10PM
Friday10 AM - 10PM
Saturday10 AM - 10PM
Sunday10 AM - 10PM


Phone +503 7794 9622
WhatsApp +503 7794 9622
Address Km 86 Careetra Litoral, La Libertad, El Salvador