Every soul thirsts for a moment to nourish, connect and fully transcend. Moments that tune into a higher state of energy and vibration. At NAWi the balance of sustainable cuisine, pulsing live music and the stunning ambiance of Mizata culminate into an experiential journey of place and time. We locally source high-quality ingredients and cultivate strong relationships with local fishermen and farmers. Discover the complexity of simple ingredients inspired by tradition. Honest, real food that leaves your imagination full. Passion with each plate, divinity in the details, a taste of our roots.

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Taste nature at its finest

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Monday7:30 AM - 10PM
Tuesday7:30 AM - 10PM
Wednesday7:30 AM - 10PM
Thursday7:30 AM - 10PM
Friday7:30 AM - 10PM
Saturday7:30AM - 10PM
Sunday7:30 AM - 10PM


Phone +503 7794 9622
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Address Km 86 Careetra Litoral, La Libertad, El Salvador