Mizata: An Investment of Mission and Margin

El Salvador tourism has increased by 27% in the last 2 years and had a record 46% increase in foreign direct investment last year. The US dollar is the national currency and we have the best property rights for foreigners, south of the US.  It is so much more though. Mizata represents an opportunity for humans with a social conscience to establish a strong return on investment and make a substantial impact on the protection of the environment, youth education and community health. Our mission is to provide a life-changing experience for guests and tell a new Story for El Salvador. To show the stunning beauty, enchanting locals and solid investment returns.


Partnership Investment

House of Surf – Mizata, LLC (HOS) has filed a $3,000,000 offering, in the form of a Regulation D (506) Private Placement (Offering). HOS acquires and repositions mismanaged resorts, on the world’s best surf breaks, with surrounding land to develop vacation villas. The profit from the sale of villas is used to recuperate the capital expended for the acquisition and expansion of the resort. A portion of profit is utilized for community development, including the existing Mizata English Academy and Mizata Beach Conservation Program. To date HOS has delivered 3 profitable quarters, increasing revenue by over 300 percent, since acquisition.

  • Minimum Investment:  $25,000
  • Investor Qualification:  Exclusively for Accredited Investors
  • Preferred Return: 12%
  • Profit Split: 50/50
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Real Estate Investment

The Mizata Villas were designed by award-winning architect Eva Hinds to celebrate the stunning landscape of Mizata. Set in an ancient Mayan fishing village, Mizata has a magical energy encapsulated in the jungle, river, cliffs and ocean. The homes are designed to International Building Code standards with sustainable features and high-quality materials. Each Villa is oceanfront on a private beach directly in front of the famous Mizata Point surf break.

The Villas are managed through the Mizata Total Management Program (MTMP), which includes property maintenance and rental pool management. This is a unique opportunity to buy a world-class home in front of a world-class break and make a solid return on investment from rental pool income.

Imagine buying in Costa Rica 20 years ago. That is the opportunity now in El Salvador. Foreign Direct Investment has increased by 46% in 2018. Tourism has increased 27% in the last 2 years. The land can be purchased fee simple in your name and foreign buyers have the same rights as locals.

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