Feeding 5,000 by Joshua Host

As humans our collective experience during the pandemic spanned the gambit of tragedy and triumph. On March 19th, we were ordered to close and Shelter in Place. Within a few days the first voices of hunger panged loud and starvation lurked in neighbors faces. In the absence of clarity generosity can be the shining light that clears the clouds.

We organized a fundraiser that produced resources to distribute over 12,000 pounds of  food to families at risk of starvation during the shelter in place orders.

 Imagine the faces of relief, that held no hope and by grace and goodwill their prayers were answered. The response was heartwarming. As the quarantine extensions rolled in, so did our distributions. The community was beaming with good vibes and a sense of hope. 

Then one night the hurricane hit. Two large trees damned the river and the resulting flood crashed the walls of the resort. The horses were floating, the animals were frantic. Tables and chairs all washed away. The trees gave and the water levels fell, leaving us with 6 inches of mud and waste. When the storm cleared we found our neighbors gathered in front. They had come to help us repair the hotel. They had come to repay the favor.

Life has a beautiful way of spinning tragedy to triumph, connecting humans through shared strife. There is still tremendous uncertainty that clouds the air, but our mission remains ardent. To provide a life changing experience for guests, so that we can tell the real story of El Salvador.

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