In Mizata, you can learn the way of the horse. You will learn to saddle your horse and efficiently ride. Explore trails for adventure and anthropology. Ride through the jungle, cliffside and beaches of Mizata. Then through the village, farms and hillside. Our vaqueros (Cowboys) are passionate about sharing the way of the horse in a safe and intriguing way. A radical way to disconnect from artificial stimulus and plug into your core self. An adventure you will never forget.


30 Minute Introductory Ride 

Learn the basics of horseback riding. How to properly direct the horse; start, stop and turn. Ride through one of two trails, including a beach trail down the stunning sand-strewn beach of Mizata. Or through the jungle. 

Unlimited Horseback Riding

Our most popular option and most often included with our vacation packages. Learn how to set up your horse with his bit and saddle. Receive in-depth instruction on how to direct your horse’s movements. This includes how to controlling cadence, tempo, direction and proper body positioning. Select from a number of available trails and receive instruction on properly maneuvering terrain. 

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