Mastering mind and body

What does a physical reset look like? How do you align your body and mind with your physical goals? At Mizata, we provide guests with personal training that aligns nutrition, exercise and mental conditioning to set a course to attain your personal goals. Enjoy more energy, look good naked and dominate life at your peak state

A choice for every body

Personal Training

One on one classes are designed in 30 or 60 minute sessions based on your needs and customized to your trip schedule. The classes are customized and focus on plyometrics, circuit training and yoga.

Boot Camp

A tune up for your mind, body and soul. Set in the ancient Mayan fishing village of Mizata, you will embark on a personal journey in a supportive group setting that combines fitness classes, yoga, pampering, hiking, horseback riding and some time to recharge in the stunning ambiance of Mizata.


Longenvity Diet / A 5 day intermitent fasting designed to discard damaged cells and stimulate your own stem cells for whole body healing and anti-aging benefits. The diet is well thought out, weighed to insure optimal results, while at the same time being prepared by our chef to insure you enjoy each savory bite. The results will amaze you.

Custom Diet Plan

Looking for a long term diet to compliment your physical goals. Our chef and personal trainers will work with you to design and implement a sustainable diet that you can enjoy during your trip and take home with you.

*Vegan / Vegetarian / Gluten-Free – Do you have specific dietary needs? We got you covered. Just provide concierge with your deets and we will insure all your meals are designed accordingly.

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