Life’s a trip, pick yours.

Tapping into the native heritage of El Salvador, we’ve carefully designed the ultimate adventure packages for any level of traveler. Experience the abundance of our lands with a personal tour guide providing spectacular experiences that will inspire your soul.



Volcan llamatatepec is the tallest of the 21 volcanoes in El Salvador at 7,850 feet. Towering above Lago Coatepque, the summit provides stunning vistas into the sulfuring baths of the volcano’s caldera and the neighboring turquoise lake. A guided hike takes approximately 1.5 hours to ascend the summit and an hour to return to camp. Leave from Mizata at 9 am and return around 4 pm. This adventure can be paired with an additional morning and afternoon activity.


The Colonial Era Tamanique Village sits at 600 meters above sea level. Once arriving in town our guide will take you on a 30-minute hike into the jungle until arriving at the cascading waterfalls of Tamanique. There are three main waterfalls that are connected through a series of trails. Filled with adventure – swim, boulder, cliff jump or just relax and enjoy the views. This is a half-day adventure that can easily be paired with a morning surf session or horseback riding.


Joya De Ceren – An UNESCO World Heritage site, often compared to Pompei, in Italy, is a unique archeological gem. The unearthed ancient village is an unbelievable portal into a Mayan farming village. Discover the remains of 70 buildings and artifacts from 200AD. Can be paired morning and afternoon activities.

Tazumal – Spanning 6 square miles, Tazumal consists of pyramids, tombs, workshops and a complex drainage system that was occupied for nearly a 1,000 years, before being abandoned sometime around 1200AD. Can be paired morning and afternoon activities.


Experience the beautiful world of El Salvadorian Coffee, visit the indigenous open-air markets or explore the colonial mountainside villages for this uncharted dive into the culture.