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February 2020

A Break From Reality

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By Riane Nesper, a San Clemente California native that visited Mizata in December 2019.

A break from reality. Pulling out of the rat race. Getting off the treadmill.

You never really realize how much you need it until you take time, mindfully, away from it all. I needed it, bad. I so easily get caught up in constantly going going going. In every aspect of my life. Feeling the continuous need to up level myself in some way or another. On one hand, it’s a great characteristic but man, it’s exhausting. Sometimes you need to take a break from all the noise to appreciate the beauty of silence.

This trip was exactly what I needed, what we needed. We booked our flight to El Salvador in search of perfect waves and some serious downtime. Despite me being terrified to leave my little one, it was hands down one of the best decisions I’ve made. Our stay at Mizata (FKA Point Resort) was nothing short of amazing. No joke, it was absolutely perfect. We booked the 7 Day Surf Trip. The name itself sounds like a dream. And it was. The staff at the resort made our stay completely effortless. Everything from transportation, every meal (the food is absolutely amazing), housekeeping, entertainment, massages, WiFi, in unit AC, and more was all taken care of. Without question. The hospitality at Mizata is unlike any other resort or hotel I’ve stayed at. I left feeling like I gained a family. The vibe at the resort is the perfect combination of your coveted 5 star hotel meets jungle safari. It’s like the Hilton and an epic surf hostel made a love child and placed it in a breathtaking remote location unlike any other. Our bungalow was nestled away surrounded by beautiful greenery. The only view from our sliding glass door was the ocean and cliffs. Not to mention, one of the best right hand point breaks I’ve ever surfed in my life was in my direct line of sight from my pillow. Literally, could it get any better than that? Nope.



Our days were spent surfing and soaking up the sun. Each morning we chose to rise with the sun, because the sunrises from Mizata are not to be missed. You can feel the power of beauty seep through the cotton candy sky onto your sun kissed cheeks and straight into your soul. Deeming it breathtaking would be an understatement. Truly captivating. The sunrises and sunsets were my favorite part of our days.


We had the option to have our days packed with fun adventures and excursions (all included by the way), but we opted for surf and chill mode. We will most likely, almost always opt for surf over anything. We found our love in the ocean, but I’ll leave that story for another day. We did choose to go on the waterfall hike because it was highly recommended.

I was hesitant to miss out on any waves but this hike was so beautiful and so much fun. We were accompanied by the best guide, Rocco. He was half the reason we had such a good time. Remember when I said the staff is amazing? I really mean it. Anyway, Rocco drove us to a location I could not tell you. Because I have no idea. I was so focused on the beauty around me, I don’t remember anything else. The hike itself was a thrill ride. Literally. It was challenging, fun, exhilarating, sweaty, and I’d do it ten times over. I can’t even begin to describe the magnificence of this waterfall. No pictures or words deep enough give it justice. I know standing there, at first sight, my heart was in my stomach. I was speechless. For a moment, I felt tears welling in my eyes. Like when you hear a beautiful voice sing a song straight to your heart. That feeling, it’s so good! Hearing the water rushing to the pool below, feeling the mist hit my hot sticky skin, and looking up to a green lush treetop canopy above me. Priceless.

I could spend days, even weeks, writing and telling you about Mizata, but for now, I will wrap this up. My last words to whoever is reading this: if you are looking to fill your cup and nourish your mind, body and soul. Mizata is for you. If you’re looking to reset and replenish, Mizata is for you. If you’re looking for thrill seeking adventure and adrenaline rushes, Mizata is for you. Whatever it is your seeking, you will get your fill at Mizata. I plan to re visit over and over because, well, I have to. A piece of my heart is in Mizata. Happy travels party people. Keep scrolling to peep some more photos from our stay.

Until we meet again, Mizata.


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